WEDDING INVITATIONS 101 | Wedding Suite Elements

Hey, friends! I am so excited to begin this new educational blog series, "The complete guide to Wedding Invitations". The idea is to create a series of blog posts about wedding stationery that can be a resource for brides and grooms and for other wedding professionals as well. I have gathered lots of tips on some of the most important basic things to remember about your wedding stationery and I am more than happy to share them with you on the blog :) I'll try to write all the content both in English and Italian so that it can be easily accessible to all of you.

Today I am going to talk about the wedding suite and the essential elements that should be included in it. As you may know, wedding suites are comprised of several components, including the invitation itself ( of course!) and a number of optional enclosures, such as a rsvp card or reception card and possibly more depending on the style and tone of your event.

Your wedding invitations play a crucial role in your big day especially because they are the first contact your guests will have about your wedding. So not only they should definitely look great but it is also important that you stick to certain basic rules of invitation etiquette. In this blog series we will go through all the basics you need to know so if you are not sure where to begin, this is the right place!

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